Thursday, December 17, 2009

She Gave All She Had to The Boy Who Changed His Mind.

Hey Everyone! So I just wanted to make a quick point and tell y'all that There are soooo man looks I love on lookbook and unfortunatly I can't feature them all, but whenever I see a look I like I always hype it, so if you feel like you need inspiration, but you watch to skip right to the good stuff you can go to my lookbook link ( and go down to looks I like!

Okays so recently I've really like the whole layer jewlery thing, so I thought I would feature someone who I think did it really well. Its hard to see the necklaces since the picture is so small (clicking on the pic makes it bigger) but its pearls and lace necklaces all wrapped up together. plus the outfit is so elegant and adorable! Overall in love with this look and would slip into it at a moments notice!

xo, Jill & All the Rage.