Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Head Under Water And You Tell Me To Breathe Easy

Helloooo :) Today I'm going to show you some pictures from lookbook (check sidebar for link) which is the best place to get inspiration for your outfits! I look through it for hours and there are hundreds of new pictures every single day!

okay so I LOOVe this outfit, at least what i can see of it. I think the hightops with her knee high socks look soo cute and i love the way her hair looks with that feather hair band in it. I'm pretty sure you can buy those or ones like them at forever 21 for a reasonable price.

This outfit I feel in love with the second i saw it. I love the look with the tights and the shorts, so adorable. and the baggy shirt tucked in is such an amazing touch. I feel like its really classic too, like the print of the shirt is just really chill and laid back. Love it. and that all is not to mention the adorable necklace she is wearing! I die for this outfittt :)

Love this look! Reminds me soo much of Taylor Momsen (who my next blog entry is totally going to be about because I am lovin her look!). First of all I do not yet have a leather jacket, but I am dying to get one. I feel like it is the one thing that every girl should have in her closet since it can be worn so many different ways. You could wear a cute little dress with it and add an edgy look or do something like in the picture to add more of an edge. Point is I love this! I'm really diggin her graphic tee and I love monotone it is.

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xo, Jill & All The Rage