Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's close to midnight.

Greetings! Hope you had a great Halloween holiday. The other girls and I went to a Halloween party and trick or treated like we were five years old :) Beforehand, Jill and I went shopping. We will be posting the details of that and pictures of some items that we got later on. But for the Halloween party, Jill went as Barbie and I went as an extreme nerd.

Jill used Michelle Phan's make up tutorial.
Her dress is from Express, her shoes are Uggs, and her cardigan is from Marshall's. She got her accessories from various people. This costume is a great example of just finding things in your closet for a inexpensive costume that is still awesome. You just need a little inspiration.
I got my nerd glasses and red bow from Hot Topic, my black jeans from Forever 21, my suspenders from Burlington Coat Factory, and my Hello Kitty "talk nerdy to me" shirt from Metropark. I wore navy blue converse with the costume. I owned all the items before I put the costume together. On another note, suspenders can be a great addition to an outfit. I will be putting a blog up, later this month, on the use of suspenders.
Both costumes were cute and chic (even my nerdy one). All you need is some inspiration! I am sorry for my recent hiatus. But I will try to post more, despite my busy schedule. Thanks for reading, hope you liked this post!

Kaitlin and All the Rage!

This Is Halloween

Halloween, such a time of happiness and fun. The candy, the costumes.

inspiring feel better quotes at All The Rage The costumes. As said so wonderfully in mean girls it might be a chance for someone to dress up like a total slut and for it to be okay. hahah. So everyone may dress up as something they're not, but then what's the difference between Halloween and every other day? Don't we dress up and plaster on masks to be someone were not everyday. inspiring feel better sayings and quotes at All The RageAnd if not everyday it's impossible for anyone to say they've never dressed up like someone they're not within they're life. For instance, I'm being Barbie for Halloween, but try to tell me that you never envied the 'barbie' in your school. I know I have. The perfect skin, perfect hair, just... perfect. So here is what I ask of you on this day. Take today to dress up as someone you're not, but tomorrow when you wake up go through your closet and find something to wear that is truly, well... you.

Jill & All the Rage

When You Wish Apon A Star

Ever dream about being a princess? I mean what little girl didn't?

Being the modern day princess is something worth being. Dress like you're the most important person in the world. Dress like your going to meet you ultimate fashion idol every day. Only then will you achieve full potential of what your outfit could be.

If you are ever uninspired lean on those tools you have all around. Sure we don't all have little mice friends that can make us a beautiful gown, but we have all kinds of things that can help us find ourselves again. Try looking at different blogs or websites. Or simply step out on your front porch, (no you wont see Russia sarah.) but you might see someone walking along that could give you exactly what you need.

So you may not be exactly who you planned to be but rock it your way everyday and remember, you cant be yourself until you truly accept who you are. So whether you're the rock star cinderella or classic cinderella claim and accept it..

So go ahead, give yourself a big up and smile. Everything. Will. Be. Okay.

Jill & All the Rage

Friday, October 30, 2009

He's Been Dead Sixteen Years, No My Love, He's Not Here

Okay so first I would like to direct your attention to the side bar under MUST HAVE LINKS which is a great place to check out if you need new stores or places to get inspiration. I just added deviant art which is my favorite place to get inspiration from, so check it out! they have EVERYTHING!

Okay so i looove this look. It's a flannel dress with a pair of dark tights and some adorable boots. I really like the way the sunglasses go with this also. Remember! Sunglasses are allowed in the winter! The sun hasn't disappeared, I promise! I think this look is great for fall because its playful and very chic. You could totally add a leather jacket to this and make it edgier too.

THIS IS THE COOLEST LOOK EVER! I know I say that a lot but I just love so many looks! haha. So I think this is really great. You cannot tell since I had to reduce the size of the picture, but the heels have little golden studs on them which is great and the leather jacket and chain necklaces make this the perfect edgy look, but I feel like I could wear this to a fancier event also, which are the best kind of outfits.

Jill & All The Rage

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm Alive! I'm Alive! I Am So Alive!

I thought the title was appropriate since for the last couple of weeks we have disappeared but I assure you, we are alive! We are busy working on an extension for All The Rage called Mode Sur La Rue or Fashion on the Street. That's right we are opening up a street fashion blog! They are my favorite kind of blog to look at and so I was inspired to open our own! The account is created, though we are not posting on it yet because first we need to create an appropriate amount of pictures to have enough to get it started. This kind of blog requires a lot more work because we need release forms for pictures and we have to try to just stumble upon people with fabulous style! Moral of the story is that you should follow our blog at that way you wont miss the very first post from our new blog!
Jill & All The Rage

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So What? I'm Still A Rockstar!

Hey everyone! So today I am extremely tired and things have been out of control for all of us at All The Rage, so sorry for not posting as much as usual!

This is an outfit from Girl of the Week on Teen Vogue. You can find her full profile on Tenn Vogue's website So I really looove this outfit. I think it's really classic with the suspenders and the short cowboy boots really add a nice flair tot it. the colors go great together. You can even spice it up some more with some heels.

This is something that caught my eye right away as a shirt that I really want. I have a ruffled shirt that is similar that I like to wear with a black high-waisted skirt. This is so pretty an
d if you like to have pops of color its really easy to add a bulky bright bracelet to it this.

Okay so this is something that I probably wouldn't wear myself, but I love the outfit. I think this is more of an inspiration kind of piece for me. I would maybe wear that shirt with a pair of skinny legged jeans and some high tops for school or heels for going out. Also I know those are knee high socks, but the thigh high boot is really coming in and this looks a lot like one of those!

Jill & All The Rage.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

As Many Times As I Blink I'll Think Of You Tonight

Lets get straight to the point, shall we?

I love this one! The shoes are so cute, I love strappy heels! I also like how bright it is. My favorite thing is when something is really bright or totally monotone. Pops of color are okay, but I think you shouldn't sit on a fence when deciding things like this.

This cute is so cute! The shorts with the tights is a really good look for fall when it starts to get colder. I just like this girl in general anyway, I think she's pretty and this look fits her well. The shirt is totally awesome, I heart vintage tees!

I'm going to see if maybe I can go shopping tomorrow, I'll bring my camera if I get to go so I can take some pictures!
xo, Jill & All The Rage

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Because the Silence fills the air, like diamonds every where.

hey everyone! thought i would post some new looks from by the way i finally got some pictures up on lookbook, adding that link to the sidebar.

i think this look is adorable. very chill and the vintage tee is adorable. i love the beading on the shoes too, so cute. the hat looks good on here and really compliments the look nicely!

i find this look to be irresistible! i love the detailing on the top of the shirt, and the bag and boots are sooo cute! i totally wish i had that shirt!

last loko for now. i love the suspenders look and im looking to get a pair for myself. i think this is a very nice outfit that you can dress up or down easily. by adding high tops or converse to the outfit it could be really chill for school or hanging out with friends. however, with heels this look could be really dressy. lovee!

xo, Jill & All The Rage

Monday, October 5, 2009

god damn you're beautiful to me

Hey everyone. So on saturday I went to a pink concert which was beyond amazing! I loved the outfit i wore so i thought i would share the outfit i wore with you all.

I know its kind of hard to see everything, but i wanted to get the whole outfit! okay so the shirt is a beatles shirt from wal-mart that is super fly! it was only eight dollars too! The skirt is high-waisted with a large elastic belt that rims the top. it also has a solid black material on the bottom then a lacey slip that goes over top of that. the shoes i bought when i went thrift store shopping. they are around 4in heels and lace up the top of them, maybe ill see if i can get up a close up for them for you guys to see in a different post. they are really comfy and adorable! I added the gray stock sticking out of them for a old-time touch.
I added two bracelets from which are adorable! i suggest going to his website and checking out his bracelts. they are ten dollars for each bracelet and have different words on them. i have 'believe' and 'imagine,' but i really want the one that says 'epic fail' ahhah.

xo, Jill & All The Rage

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Days I Cant See Your Eyes I Dont Even Want To Open Mine

hello everyonnne! so tomorrow i am going on a thrift store adventure with my mama so i'll post lots and lots of pictures from that if there are any worth sharing! i've got my camera charging! today im going to show you some more pictures from aka the best site ever. my membership just got accepted! as soon as i start posting there ill put the link our must have links section! lets start, shall we?

Okay so kind of slutty with her bra showing through, but with a white cami under the white tank top it would be soooo cute! remember, girls can be fashionable and classy. okay so i love the skirt more than i can tell you and i diiieee for that necklace!

When i saw this picture i fell in love with it. i think it is really cool and really cute. Her boots are adorable and i think this is a great fall look. Her hat is so adorable and it goes perfect with her shirt. color coordination is soo crucial to getting a good outfit together.

I think this is an adorable look! I'm usually not too into the colored jeans, but i find these to look so cute. the whole hello kitty thing is adorable and works great with the pants because the yellow in the pants matches hello kitty's nose! so cute :)

xo, Jill & All The Rage

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Imagine all the people, living life in peace.

Hey everyone!
This is my peace newspaper shoulder bag. I got it in a boutique at California. I also got my bottle tab clutch at the same boutique. The shoulder bag is really cool because it's a bunch of newspaper articles about peace made into a sturdy bag (it's sort of laminated). I realize that most of you won't be able to go there and get the items but this is just an example of unique items that can be used to complete outfits. I always get compliments on these two items because they're interesting and no one else has them. They're eco friendly too :) The environment is so important! These two items are made from paper and soda cans which are recyclable.

I hope you enjoyed this entry!
xo, Paige and All The Rage!

Have we met before? 'Cause I recall your presence in my dreams.

Hello there! Don't you just love our new layout? Thanks to the amazing Jill, our blog is new and improved. Be sure to check out our must have links and our twitters!

As promised, I am doing my fall nail polish entry. Shades of gray and dark colors are very in this fall. Black is still very popular as it was last year. Say goodbye to your bright summer colors and hello to what looks great in the fall! I chose Cover Girl's Boundless Color Nail Polish collection. Everyone is in a rough time with the recession and all so I decided to spotlight affordable nail polish instead of more expensive ones like China Glaze and OPI. All the nail polishes I've selected have gotten great reviews!
City Lights is gray with a little bit of glimmer and glitter to it. Violet Vision is my favorite! Isn't it so completely gorgeous? It's perfect for going out. Disco Dazzle is a very nice, light, opaque gray. White Night is a whiteish greyish color which is perfect for everyday use or for work. Midnight Magic is a gorgeous black color with a slight glitter to it.

I think that they are all really pretty. Next time you're at a drugstore or Walmart or something, pick one of these colors up and let me know how they work for you :) I hope this helped you out at least a bit and I hope you enjoyed this entry.

xo, Kaitlin & All The Rage!

Sometimes Love Comes Around

Okay as I promised Taylor Momsen is next up on our blog and also our first features celebrity! I love her style and I saved sooo many pictures of her on my computer while looking for good ones for All The Rage so there will be a lot more of her to come!

I love this dress. I think it is so cute and edgy and looks amazing with the boots that she has on. It looks like its a fleece material. It looks super comfy right?! It's light and flowy and go great with her pail blonde hair and bright red lips.

This outfit is something she wore to her sweet sixteen when performing with her band. Its a slip that she said used to be white and she dyed pink. I think its soo cute and the leather jacked adds such a cute edgey feel to the outfit.

This looks so amazing and so simple. This is something that you can throw on and be ready to go in two minutes. She looks comfortable and still amazingly cute. Who said beauty has to hurt?

This is my favorite picture of the bunch. the outfit is soo adorable, I would totally wear it. The suspender shorts look so cute and comfortable on her and the stripped low cut shirt goes perfect with the rest of the oufit. Plus if you're not into monotone outfits this can so easily have a pop of color with a bright shoe, bag, or jewelry piece. Adorable.

xo, Jill & All The Rage