Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is Halloween

Halloween, such a time of happiness and fun. The candy, the costumes.

inspiring feel better quotes at All The Rage The costumes. As said so wonderfully in mean girls it might be a chance for someone to dress up like a total slut and for it to be okay. hahah. So everyone may dress up as something they're not, but then what's the difference between Halloween and every other day? Don't we dress up and plaster on masks to be someone were not everyday. inspiring feel better sayings and quotes at All The RageAnd if not everyday it's impossible for anyone to say they've never dressed up like someone they're not within they're life. For instance, I'm being Barbie for Halloween, but try to tell me that you never envied the 'barbie' in your school. I know I have. The perfect skin, perfect hair, just... perfect. So here is what I ask of you on this day. Take today to dress up as someone you're not, but tomorrow when you wake up go through your closet and find something to wear that is truly, well... you.

Jill & All the Rage