Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm Alive! I'm Alive! I Am So Alive!

I thought the title was appropriate since for the last couple of weeks we have disappeared but I assure you, we are alive! We are busy working on an extension for All The Rage called Mode Sur La Rue or Fashion on the Street. That's right we are opening up a street fashion blog! They are my favorite kind of blog to look at and so I was inspired to open our own! The account is created, though we are not posting on it yet because first we need to create an appropriate amount of pictures to have enough to get it started. This kind of blog requires a lot more work because we need release forms for pictures and we have to try to just stumble upon people with fabulous style! Moral of the story is that you should follow our blog at that way you wont miss the very first post from our new blog!
Jill & All The Rage