Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sometimes Love Comes Around

Okay as I promised Taylor Momsen is next up on our blog and also our first features celebrity! I love her style and I saved sooo many pictures of her on my computer while looking for good ones for All The Rage so there will be a lot more of her to come!

I love this dress. I think it is so cute and edgy and looks amazing with the boots that she has on. It looks like its a fleece material. It looks super comfy right?! It's light and flowy and go great with her pail blonde hair and bright red lips.

This outfit is something she wore to her sweet sixteen when performing with her band. Its a slip that she said used to be white and she dyed pink. I think its soo cute and the leather jacked adds such a cute edgey feel to the outfit.

This looks so amazing and so simple. This is something that you can throw on and be ready to go in two minutes. She looks comfortable and still amazingly cute. Who said beauty has to hurt?

This is my favorite picture of the bunch. the outfit is soo adorable, I would totally wear it. The suspender shorts look so cute and comfortable on her and the stripped low cut shirt goes perfect with the rest of the oufit. Plus if you're not into monotone outfits this can so easily have a pop of color with a bright shoe, bag, or jewelry piece. Adorable.

xo, Jill & All The Rage