Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So What? I'm Still A Rockstar!

Hey everyone! So today I am extremely tired and things have been out of control for all of us at All The Rage, so sorry for not posting as much as usual!

This is an outfit from Girl of the Week on Teen Vogue. You can find her full profile on Tenn Vogue's website So I really looove this outfit. I think it's really classic with the suspenders and the short cowboy boots really add a nice flair tot it. the colors go great together. You can even spice it up some more with some heels.

This is something that caught my eye right away as a shirt that I really want. I have a ruffled shirt that is similar that I like to wear with a black high-waisted skirt. This is so pretty an
d if you like to have pops of color its really easy to add a bulky bright bracelet to it this.

Okay so this is something that I probably wouldn't wear myself, but I love the outfit. I think this is more of an inspiration kind of piece for me. I would maybe wear that shirt with a pair of skinny legged jeans and some high tops for school or heels for going out. Also I know those are knee high socks, but the thigh high boot is really coming in and this looks a lot like one of those!

Jill & All The Rage.