Friday, October 2, 2009

The Days I Cant See Your Eyes I Dont Even Want To Open Mine

hello everyonnne! so tomorrow i am going on a thrift store adventure with my mama so i'll post lots and lots of pictures from that if there are any worth sharing! i've got my camera charging! today im going to show you some more pictures from aka the best site ever. my membership just got accepted! as soon as i start posting there ill put the link our must have links section! lets start, shall we?

Okay so kind of slutty with her bra showing through, but with a white cami under the white tank top it would be soooo cute! remember, girls can be fashionable and classy. okay so i love the skirt more than i can tell you and i diiieee for that necklace!

When i saw this picture i fell in love with it. i think it is really cool and really cute. Her boots are adorable and i think this is a great fall look. Her hat is so adorable and it goes perfect with her shirt. color coordination is soo crucial to getting a good outfit together.

I think this is an adorable look! I'm usually not too into the colored jeans, but i find these to look so cute. the whole hello kitty thing is adorable and works great with the pants because the yellow in the pants matches hello kitty's nose! so cute :)

xo, Jill & All The Rage