Friday, October 30, 2009

He's Been Dead Sixteen Years, No My Love, He's Not Here

Okay so first I would like to direct your attention to the side bar under MUST HAVE LINKS which is a great place to check out if you need new stores or places to get inspiration. I just added deviant art which is my favorite place to get inspiration from, so check it out! they have EVERYTHING!

Okay so i looove this look. It's a flannel dress with a pair of dark tights and some adorable boots. I really like the way the sunglasses go with this also. Remember! Sunglasses are allowed in the winter! The sun hasn't disappeared, I promise! I think this look is great for fall because its playful and very chic. You could totally add a leather jacket to this and make it edgier too.

THIS IS THE COOLEST LOOK EVER! I know I say that a lot but I just love so many looks! haha. So I think this is really great. You cannot tell since I had to reduce the size of the picture, but the heels have little golden studs on them which is great and the leather jacket and chain necklaces make this the perfect edgy look, but I feel like I could wear this to a fancier event also, which are the best kind of outfits.

Jill & All The Rage