Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Because the Silence fills the air, like diamonds every where.

hey everyone! thought i would post some new looks from lookbook.nu. by the way i finally got some pictures up on lookbook, adding that link to the sidebar.

i think this look is adorable. very chill and the vintage tee is adorable. i love the beading on the shoes too, so cute. the hat looks good on here and really compliments the look nicely!

i find this look to be irresistible! i love the detailing on the top of the shirt, and the bag and boots are sooo cute! i totally wish i had that shirt!

last loko for now. i love the suspenders look and im looking to get a pair for myself. i think this is a very nice outfit that you can dress up or down easily. by adding high tops or converse to the outfit it could be really chill for school or hanging out with friends. however, with heels this look could be really dressy. lovee!

xo, Jill & All The Rage