Thursday, October 1, 2009

Have we met before? 'Cause I recall your presence in my dreams.

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As promised, I am doing my fall nail polish entry. Shades of gray and dark colors are very in this fall. Black is still very popular as it was last year. Say goodbye to your bright summer colors and hello to what looks great in the fall! I chose Cover Girl's Boundless Color Nail Polish collection. Everyone is in a rough time with the recession and all so I decided to spotlight affordable nail polish instead of more expensive ones like China Glaze and OPI. All the nail polishes I've selected have gotten great reviews!
City Lights is gray with a little bit of glimmer and glitter to it. Violet Vision is my favorite! Isn't it so completely gorgeous? It's perfect for going out. Disco Dazzle is a very nice, light, opaque gray. White Night is a whiteish greyish color which is perfect for everyday use or for work. Midnight Magic is a gorgeous black color with a slight glitter to it.

I think that they are all really pretty. Next time you're at a drugstore or Walmart or something, pick one of these colors up and let me know how they work for you :) I hope this helped you out at least a bit and I hope you enjoyed this entry.

xo, Kaitlin & All The Rage!