Monday, September 28, 2009

This Old Coast Is Full Of Pin-up Paper Rockstars;

i love this picture. i think its so cute and classic. i love the off the shoulder shirt and i'm a big fan of all the bracelets she's wearing!

this is absolutely adorable! i love the high waisted skirt with the knee high socks. her shoes are adorable too and the print on her skirt is so classic. another thing i love about this is with the hat its dressed down, but with out the hat and maybe a different hair do this could be really dressy too.

this is a perfect example of a really cute simple thing to wear to school. this outfit can be thrown on in a couple of minutes and it still looks soo cute! i love the vintage tee with the skinny jeans and her shoes add a nice pop to the outfit. i also cant help but love the glasses shes wearing on the left hand picture, haha.

xo, jill&All The Rage