Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Remebering Sunday He Falls To His Knees

Okay so I was looking at one of my favorite stores, Plastic Skyline, and I just had to post some of the cute things I saw. The link to they're website is in out Must Have Links section on the sidebar. Deff go check it out. It's all vintage and thrift store stuff. Just for a little background, it's run by two 17 year old twins who were separated at birth and just found each other around three years ago. Super cool story right?! So get ready because I went a little crazy saving the pictures!

okay so I am going to talk about these pictures left to right starting in the top row. So picture number one is of a green and black printed grandma cardigan. I think it is adorable and would go so cute with a pair of jeans or a pair of shorts on a chilly winter evening. To the right of that you see a pair of acid washed shorts. I really love the worn look, plus they are high-waisted which is my favorite look right now. Last in that row is the Floral Sweetheart Onesie or jumper. I loove jumpers and i think this one is adorable with the little leather belt cinching it at the waist. next row down you will see the brown printed jersey mini. I think it looks so comfortable and stylish. Plus, once again, high-waisted, somthing I cannot resist! To the right of that are a pair of brown faux leather heels. I think these are so adorable and would go great with a little dress or tucked into a pair of skinnies. Last in that row are the Olive Newspaper Boy shoes. I think these are soo cool and look really vintage which I love. They would go great with almost anything also, so they are a great find! Last row! First we have a pair of paper bag shorts. These are so cute and look really comfy and roomy, yet still totally fitted, something hard to find. To the right of that is the White bubble dress. This is adorable and would look ah-mazing with those brown faux leather heels! Last, but certainly not least is the white slouch cardigan. My favorite thing about this look is that its tight around you're wrists, but over-sized everywhere else, so it really does give that totally chill, comfy, slouch look.

oh man, so I die for all of those clothes and there is sooo much more I had to restrain myself from saving so go check out the site! It's simply amazing what these girls have done and I only wish I could do the same!
xo, Jill & All The Rage