Monday, November 2, 2009

And If Never Had To Face The World Without Her By My Side

YOOO! so i found some pretty inspiring pieces today :)

So amazingly super cute right? the dress fits her so great which is really important. The shoes add a lot to it also. I know its kind of hard to see, but they're really strappy heels that are so adorable. the small necklace around her neck is a leaf shape which is mega cute I think! With her hair up too it adds a really elegant element to it, but with you hair down in like loose curls it could be more playful.

This dress I find to be sooo cute! I think the light pink with the flowey skirt reminds me so much of a ballerina, not quite sure why. The bow tie and the belt cinching at the waist adds a more playful look along with the boots. If you added a pair of heels and took away the bowtie it would totally be sweet 16 material! Overall I looove this look!

Jill & All The Rage