Monday, November 9, 2009

We Need Some Light.

Hey everyone! Found some cute looks today on! Want a code to it? look on our side bar to find out how!

Okay so i thought the colors in this were so pretty. the color of her skirt is stunning and i loooove what i can see of her heels! they are so bulky and fun! plus the skirt is high-waisted. I say it time and time again, it's my favorite piece of clothing.

okay so i really liked how monotone this outfit was, but it was still really fun. see the way she cinched the dress and cardigan together at the waist? It's a great way to add some shape to the outfit. also if your outfit is very monotone like this and you don't like it adding a colorful belt will fix that!

This is my favorite look from today! I loooove the wool leggings. and the shirt with the yellow belt is beyond cute. I think my favorite thing about it is the hat though. It's really hard to pull off a hat like that I think the girl in the picture did it super well!

Jill & All The Rage