Thursday, November 5, 2009

Catch Me I'm Falling

Hey guys! so today I decided to figure out how to make a good set on polyvore, and I did an okay one. So I thought I would show you guys.
Okay so it's kind of hard to see. The main piece and inspiration for it was the dress in the middle. I thought it was really cute and I loved the colors. So then I picked a really cute pair of super high heels to go with it. Then I found a leather jacket and a golden clutch. I decided I needed to play off of the studs on the dress so I found some studded bracelets in there. Then I just started filling in the whole bottom with blue, black, and gold rings. One of my favorites is in the bottom left hand corner. its a ring with a little piano on it. Super Super Cute!To finish it off I added some trees with little blue birds in them and some blue and black feathers.

If you want to see the full version of this look then you can go to my polyvore account which is listed in our sidebar under 'must have links.' Also today I made a video that was some must have pieces for winter, so I'll post that as soon as I can!
Jill & All The Rage