Wednesday, November 4, 2009

F Is For Friends Who Do Stuff Together

YOOO! so I added a few new widgets to our side bar such as our map that tracks all the visitors we are getting and where they are from. If you click on the map it will show you exactly the town. We even had a hit from someone in the Philipines! Super Cool! Thank everyone! Also I added a list of the followers we have. Yes, it's only three, but I figured I would show off those three fabulous people :)
Okay so I thought this look was super cute. It's kind of hard to see in the size of the picture, but it's a floral print high waisted skirt that is cinched at the waist with a brown belt. Cinching is a tool I use almost everyday. I hate walking around in things that have no shape. The white top with the ruffles is simple, but adds a lot.

Okay so this look I thought was really unique and adorable. Don't be afraid of the things shown in this outfit. A lot of people are afraid to mix colors like these together, but they really do work! And also a lot of people never want their socks to show, which is okay for some looks, but it is okay for your socks to show in certain situations, such as this one. Overall great look!

I feel in love with this outfit the minute I saw it. The colors all go so great together! I love the skirt, really simple and elegant. The shirt is also just very simple, but with the brown bag it adds a certain feel to the look that makes it really stand out. I looove the bag and I kind of wish I had it!

Jill & All The Rage